After the home inspection, who pays for the repairs?

To answer that question, let’s go over how the inspection process works. In general, after a buyer and seller reach an agreement over a home sale, the buyer will order a home inspection within the next seven to 10 days. During this inspection, a licensed professional will make a full report of any issues they find in the home. 

Once the inspection report is finalized, negotiations over how to resolve any necessary repairs will commence. The seller isn’t obligated to complete or pay for any repairs, but buyers also have the right to back out of the deal if that’s the stance the seller takes. However, this usually isn’t how things play out. 

Usually, the buyer will review the inspection report—which they pay for—and have their agent bring the most critical items to the seller’s attention. They’ll ask the seller to either resolve these problems directly or offer a financial credit so they can take care of the problems themselves. 

“In order for both parties to be on the same page, the only items that should be addressed are what I call “habitability issues.””

In order for both parties to be on the same page, the only items that should be addressed are what I call “habitability issues” (things that materially or structurally affect the habitability of the home) instead of cosmetic issues like chipped paint. The items requested should be discussed between both parties and then be added as an addendum to the original contract. 

There are many ways to approach these negotiations, all of which should involve having the right agent advocating on your behalf. 

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