Is it better to sell your home furnished or unfurnished? Today we will get to the bottom of this key question.

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Today’s question comes from one of our viewers, Kathy O’Shea, who asks: “Should you sell your home furnished or unfurnished?”

Kathy happened to have the option of moving her furniture with her when she transitioned into her new home, but not all of us have this luxury. Therefore, many sellers have no choice but to show their home with their furniture still inside.

But which is the better option, and what are some of the benefits of each?

First of all, leaving your home furnished while it’s on the market can help buyers visualize how they might decorate a room. You can also rearrange your furniture for optimal staging, if removing your furniture is not an option or is something you prefer not to do.

However, sellers who plan to leave their home furnished while selling must be sure to declutter before letting buyers into their property. Furniture that takes up too much room can make spaces look much smaller. And this brings me to the benefits of selling your home unfurnished.


One of the main benefits of showing your home without any furniture inside is that it gives buyers the chance to see your home’s true space. Rooms will look very large and open, and people with good imaginations will have no trouble imagining them full of furniture.

That said, statistics show that homes staged with furniture do tend to sell more quickly and for a slightly higher price. But don’t worry if you have to sell unfurnished. You can still sell in good time and for a good price without furniture in your home.

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