What’s the role of an attorney in a real estate transaction in the state of Florida? They usually only get involved when issues of legality arise.

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In today’s episode of the “Keeping in Tune With the Market,” I wanted to answer a question about your attorney’s role when buying and selling real estate in the Tampa Bay area.

In Florida, most buyers and sellers utilize a licensed Realtor to prepare a contract of sale. The form has been pre-approved by the Florida Association of Realtors and Florida Bar Association. The Realtor will fill in the form, which is then signed by the buyer and seller.

At that point, we have a fully executed contract.

The contract is then submitted to the title company for review so they can do a title search and make sure everything is legal so that a full warranty deed can be transferred from seller to buyer at the closing. That said, there are many times when an attorney needs to get involved, especially if your home is held in a trust or probate or you have legal issues like a divorce.


If you ever have a question for an attorney, you should absolutely ask it. There’s no harm in doing it even after you’ve gone to contract to make sure you have everything answered.

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