We’re back for another edition of “You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers.” Today’s question is: Who pays the commission in a real estate transaction?

Many buyer’s agents lead people to believe that because the seller is offering the commission amount, the seller is paying the commission. Then, the listing agent says that because the buyer is bringing the money to the table it’s really them that is paying the commission. So, which one is it really?

If you think of a transaction as a pie, there’s a sliver of that pie that goes to the listing agent and listing company. There’s also a sliver that goes to the buyer’s agent and the buyer’s broker. That money comes funded from the transaction of the sale, so it ends up being the buyer who is actually paying for it.

“The money comes from the transaction, so technically the buyer is paying.”

In effect, the buyer who brings the money to the table exchanges money for the property and that’s where the commission comes from. However, the seller does technically offer the amount to the agent who brings the buyer, so it’s a little bit of both.

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